How has the lack of human connections made You feel?

Just a few months before coronavirus pandemic begun, we had started working with our new piece ‘it’s our time to listen’. Curiously, the piece explores connection and the lack of it; human contact in lived spaces. A contact, that has now been restricted and even forbidden.

Tell us a story, write a few lines or many, send us a picture or refer to a sound or song that for you describes how you have felt during this time of restrictions and limitations and participate in the construction of this piece.

The material will be used only on the construction of it’s our time to listen. We will not hand out the material or information to any third parties and the anonymity of the submissions is protected. By submitting your story you agree to the use of the material submitted in the art project in question.

Textual Motion Company is a multidisciplinary artist collective and dance company. We create communal art projects and border crossing art pieces.

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