Plataforma Virtual

Plataforma Virtual de Arte was a collaborative project between artists; a virtual art collection available online, showcasing works by young Latin American artists.

Virtual Exhibition was open 15.5.2020-31.8.2020. Exhibition featured young artists from Latin America from diverse fields of art.

List of Artis

Yuri Lumin

Belinda Talavera

Irma Leiva

Layda Angulo

Angelo di Paiva

Nicole Riquelme @rulo.nicole

David Montoya

Miguel Angel Galindo Alvarado

Alzynney Pereira and Kemerson Freitas

Maurício Hilgert

Kaú Carvalho and Isabelle Medeiros

Mero Reymond

Erick Aguilera

Camila Arcaya

Thábata Marques

Mauricio Mendoza


Arthur Costa

Felipe Marques

Johnny Caldas

Jhoyman Bedoya

William Acuña

Juan Muñoz Martínez

Juan Costa Viaggio

Nicole Blanco

Bianca Foratori

Jose de La Peña

Manuel Villa

Israel Sullivan

Peste Negra

Sebastian Calvo García

Daniel Oropeza

Mikaela Buzeta

Juan Leiva

Emiliana Pagalday

Siddharta Muni

Lucia Lisperguer

Elio Benítez

Isabela Rossin

Cecilia Silva

Elizabeth Espinel D.

Carolina Garcia Muñoz

Medula Ensamble

Daniel Normal

Matheus Diaz

Guido Lamim

Textual Motion Company is developing virtual ways of working. We deeply believe in collaboration and the strength of the international art community. From difficult times, fresh ideas, proposals and practices can also be born. You can read more about our team here.

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