Hanna-Maija Pääkkönen & Cano Monroy

Our portfolio showcases selected projects created throughout our career.

Smooth – Explorations of Contact and Connection / Hanna-Maija Pääkkönen & Cano Monroy

ongoing project 2018 –

Pictures: Martina Näreharju & Klaus Elfving

Boxed Up! / Hanna-Maija Pääkkönen

Unboxing the stereotypes of a dancer. /gender / genre / shape /age/

STOA / Helsinki 2018

Pictures: Martina Näreharju

Womenhood // Humanhood / Hanna-Maija Pääkkönen

Contesting the scripts of womanhood through plurality of personhoods.

STOA, Helsinki / 2019

Pictures: Martina Näreharju & Matti Lipponen

Intermixtures / Hanna-Maija Pääkkönen

Intermixtures discussed the space and location provided and allowed for underground dance cultures and street dance by placing them in a traditional theatre scenery.

Theatre Sampo, Helsinki / 2019.

Pictures: Martina Näreharju & Matti Lipponen

Cano Monroy

Selected pieces from 2017-2019

Hanna-Maija Pääkkönen

Selected pieces from 2009-2012